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Florida Soccer Referees using LeagueGM for the first time are able to register for a course using Last NameBirthdate, plus either your USSF ID or SSNYOU DO NOT need to log in first. Start by browsing to find a desired course.

To browse all available FSR courses, click the All Scheduled Courses menu choice on the left.

If you have a LeagueGM account, or think you may have one, click Courses I Can Register For. This choice will offer courses beyond entry-level, if you are eligible.

If you have previously submitted a registration request, you have been assigned a LeagueGM login username and password.  You can track the status of your request using your login.  If you know your username and password, you may log in below.

All personal information in the LeagueGM database is protected from unauthorized disclosure.  You must be a logged-in user to retrieve any personal contact information about FSR administrators.


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